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Statement from Darrin W. Anderson, PhD, MS, President & CEO, Urban League of Philadelphia

Once again, the Supreme Court, which has essentially become a de facto tool for the most extreme right voices in our political discourse, has struck down decades of legal precedent.

In ruling that race cannot be considered as a factor in college admission criteria, the court effectively disadvantages Black and Brown students who have been victims of racial discrimination for generations.

By taking away a critical tool for creating more diverse student populations on campuses across America, the court has done a grave disservice to ALL students. Diverse views, backgrounds, and perspectives make our students and educational institutions better. As the home of some of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the world, the impact of this decision will be felt across the Greater Philadelphia region.

Opportunity and access have never been equal in America. Programs like affirmative action were designed to help level a grossly unfair playing field. What SCOTUS has said through this decision is that Black and Brown students should not count on being treated fairly in a country that has historically and racially discriminated.

To learn more about what the ULP and NUL are doing in the aftermath of this terrible ruling. Visit the National Urban League Website.

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