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Fists in Solidarity


Our dedicated team of professionals works tirelessly to empower underserved communities throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region. Our mission is to drive positive change in underserved communities through the myriad of programs and resources we provide our community. This team is committed to achieving this goal by working collaboratively across various departments and with community leaders, activists, donors and partners, and phenomenal board leadership. 


Together, these departments and individuals form the backbone of the Urban League of Philadelphia, united by a shared commitment to building a stronger, more equitable community. Join us on this journey of empowerment and transformation, and let's work together to create a better future for all of Philadelphia.

Office of the President

At the helm of the Urban League of Philadelphia is our President and CEO, Dr. Darrin W. Anderson Sr. With over 25 years of experience providing strategic direction and guidance within the nonprofit sector, Dr. Anderson is a brilliant and inspiring leader. His primary focus is driving innovation, growth, and transformative change on behalf of marginalized and low-income communities. Under his leadership, the Urban League of Philadelphia is committed to continuing our mission to empower African Americans and other underserved people to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights.

Office of Health Equity & Wellbeing

Our Operations team ensures the seamless functioning of every aspect of the organization. From logistics to day-to-day management, this group keeps the wheels turning, enabling us to focus on our core mission and deliver services effectively.

Office of Fiscal

Balancing the books and managing resources efficiently, our Fiscal team plays a crucial role in sustaining our impact. With a keen eye for financial stewardship, they ensure every dollar goes where it matters most – back into the community.

Office of Advocacy & Communications

In the ever-changing landscape of community advocacy, our Advocacy and Communications team spearheads efforts to raise awareness and drive change. By leveraging strategic communication and powerful advocacy, we amplify our voice to champion the causes that matter most to our Philadelphia community.

Office of Youth & Education

Our Youth and Education team is fostering the potential of the next generation by investing in their future. Through education, mentorship, and community engagement, we lay the foundation for success for our young people.

Office of Housing

Addressing the critical need for stable housing, our Housing Counseling team provides guidance and support to individuals and families in Philadelphia. They work to create pathways to affordable housing and financial stability, ensuring that everyone has access to safe and stable housing.

Office of Entrepreneurship 

Fostering innovation and economic empowerment, our Entrepreneurship Center is the driving force behind local business growth in Philadelphia. From ideation to implementation, this team supports budding entrepreneurs on their journey to success, helping to build a thriving community.

Board of Directors 

Guiding the Urban League of Philadelphia with wisdom and experience, our Board of Directors is a diverse group of leaders committed to steering the organization toward its goals. Their expertise ensures effective decision-making and accountability to the Philadelphia community.


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