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Welcome to the Urban League of Philadelphia – where membership transcends mere affiliation; it's a commitment to shaping a brighter, more equitable future for our community. By becoming a member, you join forces with the nation's oldest civil rights organization and actively contribute to fostering economic independence through impactful programs. 

Students in Cafeteria


Empowerment Through UnityYour membership is a powerful statement of solidarity, connecting you with like-minded individuals dedicated to advancing civil rights and promoting economic empowerment in the Greater Philadelphia community.


Support Transformational Programs: As a member, you directly contribute to the success of programs that empower adults, youth, and families. Your support is the backbone of initiatives that drive positive change, creating lasting impact in the lives of those we serve.


Access to Exclusive Opportunities:​ Membership comes with exclusive access to events, workshops, and networking opportunities that foster personal and professional growth. Stay informed, engaged, and connected with the vibrant community that makes up the Urban League of Philadelphia.


NeXT (Network of Extraordinary Talent): NeXT is not just a group; it's a movement of professionals committed to excellence and leadership. As a NeXT member, you'll enjoy:

  • Professional Development: Access workshops, mentorship programs, and networking events to enhance your career trajectory.

  • Community Impact: Be part of initiatives that bring positive change to the Greater Philadelphia area.

  • Exclusive NeXT Events: Join gatherings designed for networking and collaboration among like-minded professionals.


The Urban League Guild: The Urban League Guild is a force for community engagement and support. Guild members benefit from:

  • Community Service Opportunities: Participate in impactful service projects that address critical needs in our community.

  • Social and Educational Events: Enjoy a range of events that foster personal growth, social connection, and lifelong learning.

  • Advocacy for Change: Be a voice for positive change and work alongside fellow Guild members to address social issues.

Urban League Entrepreneur Center: For the entrepreneurial spirit, our Entrepreneur Center provides a platform for growth and success:

  • Business Development Resources: Access tools, workshops, and mentorship programs designed to accelerate business growth.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a network of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.

  • Exclusive Entrepreneurial Events: Attend specialized events tailored to the unique needs of entrepreneurs.

Membership in the Urban League of Philadelphia is more than a commitment; it's an investment in the future of our community. Join us in building a legacy of empowerment, equality, and economic independence. Together, we make a difference.

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