Education is the foundation for empowerment. Children that love learning and build on that base will achieve the economic independence that we strive to achieve.

The Urban League of Philadelphia works within the Philadelphia public school system to provide programs that enhance the standards academic format and create a college-going culture. These programs include:

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Helping a student suceed

Tyleah is an outstanding example of a student determined to complete her college education. Early this year, she wrote to several organizations requesting financial assistance. She was an outstanding journalism student with a 3.63 GPA at Howard University. Through no fault of her own, the funds in her merit scholarship were frozen for the year, and she was unable to make her final payments. Her parents were not qualified for a plus loan, and her only alternative was giving up her meal plan – not a realistic option.

We helped Tyleah enter into conversation with Howard’s financial aid department. She learned about tuition forgiveness programs that were offered at HU. Through Tyleah’s willingness to move to a less expensive dorm, reduce her meal package she was able to get her tuition down to $3000 and because of her academic standings was able to qualify for a 2/3rd payment balance forgiveness program if she could pay 1/3rd. Ultimately we were able to get a donor to assist her with the $1,000 balance.

In 2013, we encouraged Tyleah to apply for our Community Scholarship. She was granted the Barbara E Reed scholarship on her merits for school year. Tyleah discussed her plans to pay for college next year with our staff. She has applied for two merit-based scholarships for Howard University students.


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