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Tasha’s Story: Finding a Job in a New City

Tasha Byers has a warm smile and a personality to go with it. She also graduated magna cum laude from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Despite these excellent qualifications, in today’s depressed job market, Tasha was unable to find a professional-level job after relocating from her native Minneapolis to Philadelphia.

So Tasha came to Urban League — a familiar face in an unfamiliar city.

“I went to high school down the street from the Minneapolis Urban League,” explained Tasha. “That was a source of encouragement and career support while I was growing up.”

Tasha is an accomplished scholar and researcher, but job hunting requires different skills. The Career Center staff worked on her resume and her networking.

“The Career Center is so professional and so structured,” said Tasha, “and the insights they give you, such as including key phrases from the job description on your resume and cover letter, help you pull out all your strengths.”

Shortly after the Career Center staff began working with Tasha, they received a request from Operation Understanding, an Urban League of Philadelphia partner, for a professional to assist with their fundraising event.

“Tasha went over for the interview and never left,” said Debra Abrams, The Urban League of Philadelphia’s Director of Human Capital Development.”

“It was supposed to be a temporary position to help with their fundraiser, but she is still there.”

“I’m thrilled to work for Operation Understanding,” said Tasha, of the organization founded in 1985 by the late Congressman William Gray III to create positive relationships between African American and Jewish teens.

The Career Center staff helped Tasha change her perspective – “even a temporary job is a great start and can lead to great places.”








~ Tim Bryant

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