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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Today

As the young professional affiliate group of the Urban League of Philadelphia (ULP), NExT is more than a network; it's a dynamic force shaping the future.

Who We Are

NExT (the Network of Extraordinary Talent) is the ULP's Young Professional Group, specifically designed for individuals under 45. Formerly known as The Urban League Young Professionals of Philadelphia, NExT Philadelphia is a vibrant community of young professionals aged 21 to 44, united by a shared commitment to:

Leadership Development: NExT is your platform for honing leadership skills, gaining valuable experience, and unlocking your full potential.

Economic Empowerment: NExT is your platform for honing leadership skills, gaining valuable experience, and unlocking your full potential.

Community Volunteerism: NExT members actively contribute to community causes, making a tangible impact through volunteer opportunities that align with our values.

Our Mission

NExT Philadelphia is not just a group; it's a movement dedicated to training, developing, and educating young professionals for leadership roles within the Urban League of Philadelphia, the civil rights movement, and society-at-large. By joining NExT, you become part of a community that is defining, developing, implementing, and leading the next generation civil rights agenda.

Professional Development: Be a catalyst for change in your community. Engage in impactful volunteer projects, advocacy initiatives, and charitable events such as the Annual Whitney M. Young Jr. Power Broker Awards.

Community Impact: Our resources empower you to thrive in both your career and personal life.

Networking: Our general body meetings and collaborative events offer members with intimate networking opportunities. Elevate your social and professional life with curated spaces, designed to inspire, inform, and connect.

How To Join 

If you're already a ULP member, choosing NExT as your Affinity Group is a seamless addition to your membership package. Simply indicate NExT when filling out your membership form or call 215.985.3220 to update your preferences.

If you're not yet a ULP member, becoming one is your first step to joining NExT and contributing to the dynamic community of young professionals driving change in Philadelphia.


Advocacy and Policy 

Community Service 


Fund Development 

Marketing and Communications 

Membership Engagement 

Personal and Professional Development

Who Got NExT? Join Philly's Growing Network of Young Professionals



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