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Entrepreneurship Center

The Urban League Entrepreneurship Center (ULEC) provides technical assistance, strategic planning and links to resources to help small businesses grow their financial and human capital.

Empowering entrepreneurs results in increased sales, job creation, increased financing and a greater market presence in the region.

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Our team of experienced coaches, consultants, specialists and training professionals are ready to assist you in the following areas:

Business Coaching
We provide one-on-one coaching in sales and marketing, strategic planning, financing, operational management, information technology, entrepreneurial leadership, and real estate development.

Professional Services
Our specialists will conduct market research, write business plans, upgrade software, build websites, construct financial statements and file taxes, just to name a few.

Workshops & Special Events
We run training seminars and workshops designed for businesses of all sizes. You will meet like-minded entrepreneurs who can play a vital part in your company’s growth.

Customized Training & Development
We offer on-site, customized training for businesses and their employees, equipping the staff with the right skills and knowledge for sustainable grow.

The Glass Slipper Works its Magic

Michelle Sudler’s business, the Glass Slipper, was conceived in a moment of inspiration – women with large feet still wanted to wear high-style footwear.

But she understood that it would take more than a wave of a magic wand to build a successful business. With the assistance of the Urban League Entrepreneurship Center and more than a year of planning, Sudler was thrilled to open The Glass Slipper, a retail outlet selling shoes and accessories, in June, 2013 in Glenside.

Throughout 2012, ULEC coach Christopher Chaplin helped Ms. Sudler develop a business plan and financial projections. Together they worked on her short and medium term goals and created a financial plan.

Ms. Sudler used her newly developed skills to compete in the Small Business Pitch Competition during the 2013 National Urban League Conference in Philadelphia. She was the runner up winner and received a UPS gift card.

The ULEC will continue to assist Ms. Sudler and The Glass Slipper to help the business thrive and expand.

“The ULEC is a great resource for many people,” says Ms. Sudler. “We need to get the word out about this organization because it can help out a lot of people.”


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