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Have you fallen behind in your mortgage payments? Is your home in jeopardy of foreclosure? We can help you save your home! In 2012, we helped more than 92 families keep their homes!

Our staff will:

  • Assess the causes of delinquency,
  • Provide budget review and
  • Counsel you on foreclosure prevention options.

We will advocate for you with your lender to reach a mutual deal. We can help you with:

  • Loan Document Review
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Diversion Counseling
  • Conventional Loan Workout
  • HEMAP (Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program)

We also offer Tax Lien Counseling.

Don’t lose your home because of delinquent property taxes! Avoid the threat of Sheriff’s Sale!

Our counselors provide homeowners with the tools to navigate the process and help with negotiating payment arrangements or arranging a Sheriff’s Sale postponement.

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