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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

The Urban League of Philadelphia’s Health and Wellness program is designed to educate and empower our local communities to adopt healthy lifestyles. This initiative will support members of our community to keep their families and friends healthy through routine vaccinations, developing balanced diets and active lifestyles, and quitting tobacco use.

Health and Wellness is our newest initiative and has three main pillars: Healthy Eating, Immunization Awareness, and Smoking Cessation. Through grass roots outreach and programming, we seek to share valuable information with the communities we serve through local events, community partnerships, public relations and social media campaigns.

  1. Healthy Eating:  The healthy eating initiative focuses on educating our local communities about the benefits of eating a balanced diet and keeping an active lifestyle. Working with families and schools, we aim to teach safe food handling and preparation, how to cook nutritious and inexpensive meals, and how to shop for food on a budget. Making healthy food available to all is one of our top priorities. We are concentrating on educating youth and reaching African American and Hispanic families in the Philadelphia area.
  2. Childhood Immunization Awareness: Our immunizations program educates the community about the benefits of vaccines, the types of diseases we can vaccinate for, and the recommended vaccination schedule for children. With the support of Pfizer Corporation, we survey individuals to find out what they know to date about immunizations and then share appropriate information.  We aim to eliminate the negative stigma surrounding vaccinations today. Our primary audience is African American and Hispanic families with young children in the Philadelphia area.
    • To view an Easy-to-Read Schedule for Children, Birth through 6 years, click here.
    • To view Easy-to-Read Schedule for Children, 7 – 18 years, click here.
  3. Smoking Cessation: Our Smoking Cessation program focuses on educating the community at large about the dangers and hazards of smoking and delivers tobacco prevention and cessation counseling for African American adults. The goal is to implement effective strategies that more aggressively address smoking and tobacco use among African-Americans and build healthier communities.

To complete our immunization survey click here.

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