You are in: #ULP100 – Celebrating 100 Years of Empowerment

#ULP100 – Celebrating 100 Years of Empowerment

2017 marks our 100th anniversary! Now, through December 2018, we are carrying out several initiatives and programs to help celebrate this milestone and convey the important role it plays as a bridge to social and economic advancement for the Greater Philadelphia region.

During the Centennial Project, we will work to strengthen relationships with individuals, organizations and businesses who share an interest in changing communities and empowering lives. This project will lay the foundation for work in our second century of service, giving a voice to all persons in our society by challenging the status quo to gain equal access and justice for all. We see this celebration as an opportunity to create a plan for the long-term health and growth of this organization as it continues to be an anchor in the community.

What Can You Expect?

This year, we will roll out a series of outcomes-based initiatives as part of our “State of Black Philadelphia: 100 Years.” This will include:

  • A special edition of our “State of Black Philadelphia” report, which will provide a thorough overview of the inequality in economics, education, health & wellness, civic engagement and social justice for communities of color throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.
  • Our Story: 100 Years of Striving for Justice and Equality – A special oral history project, this will use the very words of those whose success stories paint a true picture of why the Urban League of Philadelphia continues to play a pivotal role in the region.

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